sábado, 7 de noviembre de 2015

Towards the Human Economy...

Our old, solid, familiar frameworks are in a state of flux. The biggest social outlets are now the platforms of multi-billion dollar companies. Business and society have fused, and we cannot separate them. The same technology that connects us has bound us together. The world has been reshaped and is now entirely and irreversibly interdependent. Today, when so few can affect so many so far away, we rise and fall together. The position of leaders—especially those who rely on their titles and old ways of thinking—is more volatile than it’s ever been. It’s our responsibility to recognize that the world has changed. It operates in different ways.
In economic terms, we’ve gone from an Industrial Economy – where we hired hands — to a Knowledge Economy – where we hired heads — to what is now a Global Human Economy – where we hire hearts.

(Adapted from Dov Seidman)