domingo, 21 de marzo de 2010

GridGuide : Maat-G, Grid Service Provider,

GridGuide : MaatG, Grid Service Provider,: "maat Gknowledge is a Spanish company with its headquarters in Toledo (Spain) and whose principal stakeholder is the Caja Rural de Toledo. The company boasts global presence and maintains Offices in Spain; and on the international level in Geneve Santa Clara and  Latin America (Buenos Aires, Bucaramanga, Mexico City) . maatG is a technology company that provides integral solutions to Organizations, Businesses a number of Activity Sectors, offering increased productivity through the incorporation of new production processes, the formulation of new competitive strategies and the creation of new value models.

maatG is a software company providing 'G,' a grid-enabled, data-centric application platform, and a variety of 'G'-based applications for several industries, including banking, healthcare, government, media, and small and midsize businesses. The G technology of maat Gknowledge has been nominated 2008 Cool Vendor by the Gartner Group.

The 250-employee, €25-million-revenue company operates in Spain, France, Switzerland, U.K., Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. It has about 500 clients, including many EU-sponsored projects (reference 12-2007)."

Enterprise 2.0

Un nuevo modo de gestionar las Organizaciones esta emergiendo. Tan solo la combinación de Estrategia y Tecnología puede permitir competir en este nuevo entorno.